A true Artist Collective where music and entertainment branding intersect. A place where both music makers and brands collaborate to achieve maximum results.


Who We Are

Bringing like-minded people and big creative ideas to the table, Kinective is a women-owned company dedicated to bringing opportunities for brands, musicians and content to come together and support a different kind of narrative. From branded, sponsored entertainment, to live streaming DJ sets and events, to development of music for network shows, Kinective Music Group is at the intersection of music and entertainment branding.

Our team of producers, creators, brands, sponsors, venues and network of tastemakers allow us to pool our talents in many different ways to offer our clients new options into the world of music-driven branded entertainment. 

Kinective Music Group was founded as an answer to the lack of women-owned music and talent entities in the entertainment field. Kinective has a strong ethos of representing not just female talent, but other under-represented voices in the music and branded entertainment space. Our goal is to work with like minded companies, networks and brands to be a truly inclusive space for all. 

Kinective is the connective tissue that turns ideation into execution, strategies into fruition, and introductions into lifelong collaborations.

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Strategic Partners

Who We Work With
November, 2012

NSF Now Inc.

NSF NOW focuses on growth opportunities for brands through strategic distribution, retail channels, and her trusted relationships. Kinective Music Group has partnered with NSF NOW to provide additional artist and brand development opportunities by working with Nikki and her team of industry experts.

As the founder of NSF NOW, Nikki Fernandez brings together her love of creating and performing music for audiences by helping others to tell their story and successfully promote their own brands.